Danny Head Study

Danny aka Komargo Dandy Warhol


Danny Schipperke
Sits and looks for trouble
Just before Christmas

Ch Rexford Ice Maiden

Schipperke champion Rexford Ice Maiden owned by Pam allington

Rexford Ice Maiden
a new schipperke champion.
Class winner at Crufts (2012)





A Border Collie

He was a wonderful dog

Words cannot say more


Komargo Dandy Warhol – Schipperke Championship Show 2011

After a long day

at the schipperke champ show

and winning his class!

Avidore History Maker at Blackshuck

Avidore History Maker at Blackshuck

Linda and Mark’s dog,
Hector a black schipperke.
He has 2 CCs

Avidore Hot Gossip

Avidore Hot Gossip

This print was used at
Discover Dogs in London,
to show a ‘Schipp’ head.

Komargo Dandy Warhol

Danny Komargo Dandy Warhol

This cream schipperke

Loves peeking under the fence

When I leave the house!


Zeke’s 2nd Birthday


Foxbriar Gorgeous Gunman at 2 years old

Zeke is nearly two

His birthday is in July

Happy birthday Zeke!



Shetland Sheepdog Holly

TheĀ  Shetland Sheepdog

could be found at Komargo

many years ago.

At the Park

alex and zeke park trip

Foxbriar Gorgeous Gunman

A trip to the park

young malinois and owner

having lots of fun.